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Scrap Metal Recycling Portland OR Metal Recyclers

Scrap Metal Prices Portland Oregon

Scrap Car Recycling Portland OR

Metal recycling is being green the logical way.

If you live in the Portland Oregon metro area you know that there has been a move here and all over the world to be greener. Of course being green is not the easiest thing in the world, but did you know you can actually make money by being green. It’s true! Being green is BIG business. Many people think that being green means that you recycle what you can, purchase reusable products and the like and on a micro level, this may be true but you can also make a great amount of money by metal recycling. And when you can support yourself while doing something good, well that just make sense.

So What’s Scrap Metal Recycling All About?

Metal recycling is where instead of putting it in the landfill, you save metal from a broad variety of products including aluminum cans, old cars, junk household items, old machinery and even old tools. Then you make it into something new.

By scrap metal recycling you can get rid of all the junk in your yard and other people’s yard while making money doing so. The great part about it is that you can do it on literally any scale you feel comfortable with. Make pennies, make millions or anything in between. That’s what we do! Scrap metal prices are at one of the highest points that they have been EVER! So just a small amount of metal can bring in a great price. For instance, a junk minivan can bring in a few hundred bucks. Not bad for an oversized paperweight sitting in your front yard. This is nothing compared to quality steel prices or copper, aluminum or brass prices.

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Scrap Metal Recycle Portland Oregon

Metal Recycling Portland OR

Scrap Metal Prices Portland Oregon

Portland Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap Metal Buyers Portland Oregon

Portland Scrap Metal Buyers

What Others Are Saying


The response from your company on how soon my check would be ready for the appliances I brought in within the week was quite remarkable. I had expected to wait for a longer time and was pleasantly surprised when I received the call from your office asking me to arrange on how it could be picked up. -Johanna F.


As a small time scrap metal dealer, I was impressed by the first class services at your offices when I brought in various metal appliances for recycling. I felt very important as a customer and will definitely be back to enjoy more of your services in the future recycling. Keep it up! -Robin M.

Where to Go Scrap Metal Recycling in Portland

Just walk out your front door! You know how when you buy a new car you start seeing the same type of car everywhere? That’s because your mind is now aware of that particular car and in a way it is looking for more of the same thing. The same thing goes for anything in life. If you become consciously aware of scrap metal you’ll end up finding it everywhere. It’s amazing how many people have junk cars, and misc. scrap metal in their yards. Or put a simple ad on Craigslist and wait for the calls.

With so many people out of work and scrap steel prices, copper prices and aluminum prices being so high, it is a great idea to start metal recycling. It is a win win situation. You recycle the metal ie: be green and you make money at the same time. If you want to be green and do it in a logical way, consider scrap metal recycling. Many people have made a successful living off of scrap metal recycling and helped to make their area of the world a cleaner place.

Portland Scrap Metal Buyers and Portland Scrap Metal Prices

If you are interested in scrap metal recycling here in Portland you need to find a scrap metal buyer. Finding scrap metal buyers here in Portland will be no problem because this industry has a lot of competition. But all scrap metal buyer are not created equal. With scrap steel prices so high right now there are a lot of people out there looking for a quick buck and are willing to make it at your expense. They’ll give you almost nothing for your scrap knowing that most likely you don’t know what it’s worth. After all, its just junk isn’t it? And anyone willing to pay you for trash has to be either a pretty good person or a little crazy right? Wrong! They know very well what their doing. So be informed before you sell!

We are scrap metal buyers that strive to be fair and competitive in scrap steel prices, and scrap copper, aluminum, and brass prices. Even if you don’t use us, give us a call to make sure your getting the best price you can in the Portland OR metro area on your scrap metal recycle endeavor.

Be green, be clean and most importantly, be Informed!

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